Digital Video

I shoot high definition digital video that is edited with Apple's Final Cut Studio Pro.

I specialize in DVD Weddings but will shoot any event.

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Digital photos will also be taken and you will get a cd so that you may order as many prints as you want from who you want, when you want (unlike most photographers who require you to order prints from them at a marked up price).

The Video Wedding Package-$400.00

  It includes two, high quality digital video cameras set up to record the wedding ceremony and the reception, an interview with the Bride and Groom, a slide show set to your choice of music and Five DVD's.


The Perfect Video Package-$1200.00

This is truly the perfect package!  It includes everything in the Plus package but much more. Included are two, high quality digital video cameras set up to record the Rehearsal Dinner, AND the Rehearsal, AND the Ceremony, AND the Reception, interviews with the Bride and the Groom before the wedding, interviews with family and friends at the rehearsal dinner and the reception, a Music Video set to a song of your choice, and five DVD's. (THERE IS MORE!)

This Package also includes one of the most beautiful parts of any wedding...the Memory Video.  At Least three Months before the Wedding, the Bride and Groom provide us with many pictures of them growing up, going through life, and falling in love.  We put these into a video slideshow set to the music of their choice.  This can be shown at the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, or the reception and will also appear on their DVDs.


We will arrive the morning of the wedding and film the Bride and Groom as they are getting ready in their rooms. This helps you remember your entire day, from the nerves and excitement of the morning until you drive away from the reception, ready to begin your life together.

Plus a web site for your friends and family to go see photos of the wedding.

Plus on the web site there will be a short Quicktime video of the exchange of vows.

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